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The Democratic Space Federation of Haivon

Margaux wrote:How many death were there in the first GIW?

296,000,000 approximately.

Great Islands War I

----------------------------Great Islands War I----------------------------

From topleft, clockwise
1. The Onfandeen city of Oulouav before its destruction in the Great Islands War.
2. A small part of the Onfandeen and Haivonian naval forces
3. (this description has been redacted)

January 9th, 2020
Allied Victory
  • Reduction of the Dominish military forces

  • Destruction of the Dominioan Ring

  • Reconstruction projects done by both sides of the war.


Allied Forces

Opposition Forces



----------------Commanders and Leaders----------------

main Allied leaders

main Opposition leader

President Absorn

General Gordoen(?)

Prime Minister Yvesta

--------------------Casualties and Losses--------------------

Allied deaths

Opposition deaths

Military: 76,000,000

Military: 26,000,000

Civilian: 182,000,000

Civilian: 12,000,000

Total: 258,000,000

Total: 38,000,000

Campaigns of

The Great Islands War

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The Great Islands War (often abbreviated to GIW)), also known as The War of 10000 Islands, was a regional war that lasted from 1/9/20 to 1/10/20. Haivon and Dominioan were the great powers of this war, but a secondary power, Onfande, joined in later on due to the war crimes by Dominioan. A state of total war emerged, directly involving more than 1,212,000,000 citizens from 3 nations. The participants threw their entire entire military forces at each other, dealing many heavy blows to each army. The Great Islands War is the deadliest war is 10000 Islands history, with approximately 296,000,000 dead, most of which were from Haivon and Onfande. It included war crimes by Dominioan, and the use of nukes in many parts of the war.


1 Chronology
2 Background
3 Pre-War Events
-----Krystalveilian Videogame Banishment
-----Haivonian-Elwanian Training Exercises
-----Onfandeen Denouncement of a Communist Alliance
-----Haivonian Threats
-----Elwanian Tariff Removal
4 Course of the War
-----War for Haivon
----------Haivonian Retaliation
----------Onfandeen Trade
----------Serdeny Coast Invasion
----------Seven Bunkers Battle
----------Invasion of Reslond
----------Siege of Perria
----------Luband and Fikus River Defense
----------Invasion of the Fadhaj Desert
----------Second Siege of Perria
----------Second Battle of the Luband
----------Operation Libertas
-----War for Onfande
----------Onfandeen Trade with Haivon
----------Onfandeen Denouncement of Dominioan
----------Onfande Joins the War
----------Onfandeen EMP Barrages
----------Defense of Lake Bourgela
----------Siege of Hammeryon-Layenne
----------Surrender of Bourgela City
----------Destruction of the Dominioan Ring
----------Operation Carbiel
----------Bourgela Recapture
----------Rains of Hell Event
----------Operation Libertas
----------Hypercannon Threats
-----War for Dominioan
----------Dominish Missile Attacks
----------Haivonian Retaliation
----------Tariffs on Dominioan
----------Dominish Retaliation
----------Serdeny Coast Invasion
----------Search for Haivonian Bunkers
----------Invasion of Reslond
----------Dominish War Crimes
----------Onfandeen Denouncement of Dominioan
----------Onfande Joins the War
----------Onfandeen EMP Barrages
----------Dominish Landing at Carlstadt, Amor Region
----------Siege of Perria
----------Siege of Hammeryon-Layenne
----------Surrender of Bourgela City
----------Destruction of the Dominioan Ring
----------Rains of Hell Event
----------Dominish Surrender
5 Aftermath
6 Impact
-----Casualties and War Crimes


The start of the war was, officially, on 1/9/20, starting with the Dominish missile bombings of Haivon, causing a lot of damage to major cities. Perria was hit the hardest, with many skyscrapers falling due to structural failure. Fortunately, many Haivonian citizens were able to escape to bunkers scattered around the nation. Haivon was hit hard, but they hit back. Haivon launched 2 nuclear devices into the direction of Dominioan, and they both landed, causing major damage to factories in the nation, harming the industrial capability of Dominioan. Again, bunkers were scattered across the nation, so most citizens were safe.

Due to the nuclear threats from Haivon, Onfande drops its denouncement on the communist alliance, and declares neutrality for the first half of the war, implementing a few socialist policies in an agreement with Haivon.

Continuing the war, Haivon starts to put robots into their forces, constructing over 5 million in a (real-world) hour. Dominioan retaliates from the previous nuclear attacks, sending millions of men into the Haivonian mainland, in what is called the Serdeny Coast Invasion, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths with the first landing. But, the Dominish are able to break through the beachhead, and advance through the central parts of Haivon. They start a search for the previously-mentioned bunkers, and successfully find a few along the coast. Haivonian forces try their hardest to defend the bunkers, but are unsuccessful. In a last-ditch effort, Haivon destroys the bunkers after having all of its occupants evacuated.

While the bunker search moves forward, Onfande starts weapons trade with Haivon, mainly with tanks, and planes. Next, Dominioan starts war crimes. After successfully taking over the city of Reslond, they murder everyone in the bunker below the city, in what is known as the Reslond Massacre. Onfandeen officials and citizens are appalled at this heinous act, and denounce Dominioan, stating that "War crimes in this world will not be accepted" and "This was an unnecessary act of power." Onfande closes trade with Dominioan, slightly harming their industrial capability, but not much. Onfande officially goes to war with them after threats, and the sinking of an Onfandeen cargo ship on its way to Haivon.

Suddenly, a fake government official of Haivon, a spy from Dominioan, kills the head officer, weakening the morale of Haivonian soldiers. Onfande heads straight into the war, starting a barrage of EMP missiles onto the communication centers of Dominioan, and major factories. The navy of Onfande, in a logistical error, accidentally send over their largest aircraft carrier, as well as a small escort fleet. They are sunk by Dominish aircraft (think Midway-esque), throwing billions of dollars down the drain for Onfande, but damage done by the carrier forces was reasonable.

Onfande starts to ship over experimental laser weapons to Haivon, but they were lost. The location of these weapons is unknown to today, but conspiracies have arose that Dominioan has taken the weapons for themselves. The Haivonian government sends 30 nukes to the Dominish mainland, destroying most of the infrastructure, and further hurting the industry of Dominioan.

In an unprecedented attack, the Dominish navy makes a successful landing at Carlstadt, Amor Region, bringing their army to the Onfandeen mainland, sparking a "worst nightmare" scenario for the government. The Dominish forces travel east, to where the towns of Hammeryon and Layenne are. After a defensive nightmare, Onfande is forced to give up the cities after Dominish forces cross the Layyonne Bridge. After the fall of Hammeryon-Layenne, the army heads northeast, to Lake Bourgela, crossing straight through the forests as if they were not there. They capture the small town of Yalley, nearby the major city of Bourgela. A fierce battle would take place, in one of the largest battles in the war.

In Haivon, things aren't going too well. The Dominish reached the Luban River, which is heavily guarded with artillery and soldiers due to being a strong defense point. Unfortunately, the Dominish were able to break through the line, and the Haivonians had to fall back to the Fikus River.

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