Region: Northern Utopia


The Exalted Empire of Feng Dynasty

Feng Dynasty wrote:"開宮門!" (Open the Palace Gates!) A herald cried.

The vast weight of the towering wooden doors creaked slowly open, to admit a column of entering North Electrican Delegacy into the expanse of the Yongan Palace. There was the deep, heart throbbing boom of enormous drums as the Imperial Entourage swept into view. Troops of servants fell to their knees as Empress Taihe herself stepped forward surrounded by servants, in a silken robe trailing six feet behind, and with hair elaborately tied and studded with jewels.
"My greetings." The Empress said, smiling, as she stepped forwards to meet their lead. "Your journey must have wearied you all. Would you care for a rest before we begin? I do have some fragrant tea of exquisite taste that I am eager to present." She smiled, awaiting reply.

North Electrica wrote:North Electran Delegacy

The leading never nods her head to the Fengese Emperess.

Woman: "Thank you for you hospitality Your highness, if you wish we can discuss other topics as we prepare for the meeting." She says, looking over at her assistant and three guards, who either slightly shrug or nod in response. One of the guards just stood there not making a single sound or movement, but his eyes seem to convey a message of 'I only fallow orders'

Empress Taihe smiled, her radiant face an image of elegance and grace. The flower of Feng, she was called, in her years as Princess Chun. Her golden eyes, a color once common in the Hua and now a rare sight, sparkled with light. "Do come with me than, I am sure that a cup of tea would restore your strength.

Mingyue Pavillion

Phoenixes strutted through the gardens, their golden plumage gleaming in the sun. Their train of feathers trailed the grass bright and clear. Away on the Palace's vast lake they sat, upon the Mingyue Pavillion (明月楼). The smell of tea was not too soft, nor too great. It mixed with the sweet scent of cakes and pastries that piled elegantly upon plates on the table.
"Our guests seem hot." The Empress smiled. "Do fan our Electrican visitors for us, it would not do to have their discomfort."
The ice clinked softly at the porcelain teacups, cooling their tea.

"So you say you wish to build a military base in our north." The Empress asked, smoothing her robes. "If I may, could I ask for what purpose?"