Region: Northern Utopia


The Commonwealth of Astarey

AusValia wrote:
Xeon 1 Takes Orbit

The first AusValian craft to extend past the moon has reached its final destination, the Bahram orbit. Equipped with nearly a dozen cameras, its mission is to fly past Bahram and send back pictures of the surface of the planet. The satellite will orbit the planet for several weeks allowing scientists to make a complete 3-D mapping of the planet.

"This information will be instrumental in our understanding of other planets and the creation of the universe. Xeon 1 will give us the inspiration to reach further into the cosmos." ACA Director Gene Kranz.

The ACA will begin releasing the photos over the next couple of weeks and say it could take a month or more to put together the 3-D model.

She awoke to the sound of the call alarm. Half a second apart, so... one minute until the arrival of the main message? She climbed out of her sleeping bag, grabbed the nearest maneuver pole, pushed off to the terminal....

G-d spoke- a calming tone, if slightly emotionless. "Good morning, Madayil. The interloper spacecraft discussed earlier has assumed its orbit. You will board the ship and create renditions of the interloper based on the half-hour rendezvous and the ship's camera footage. Are you excited, my Madayil? You have not had the opportunity to do this for a long while." She nodded to a nonexistent camera- G-d's eyes could be focused anywhere, after all- and pressed her maneuver pole against the blank patch of wall to proceed to the berth. Most of the station was crammed with machinery, but G-d had furnished her with a ship- and the ship's top had a wide clear bulb for her to conduct studies through. Now the station computer hummed, the ship computer hummed in response- and the hatch slowly closed. The ship pushed off from the station gently, then began turning...

The planet below came into view. A wide orange globe, slowly spinning below. Then the great Eye of G-d, shining just a few light-minutes away...
And the engine started. A fist rather than the slow and steady barely-noticeable motion of the reboost thrusters. She wondered what was powering that fist.