Region: Northern Utopia


The Alpine Kingdom of The Soviet state of Svalbard

The Soviet state of Svalbard wrote:"?♫D=Q-2∟D‼3╓2"2aG╒=⌐╥╓:"

"How did it even say that auditorily?"
"I really don't think that should be your biggest concern right now Mikhail!" Darnia was frantically fiddling around in her pockets for any sort of defense against the creature that was bearing down upon the group of four; only coming up with the standard pocket Svalbardian-army knife and pistol every SISN agent carried by default. Brilliant: completely useless and almost completely useless "Do we have anything to fight this thing with other than what we've got on us right now?"
"There's the ship's guns, but we couldn't fire them at ourselves: it'd have to fly away for that to work" Reyna had to shout to be heard across the deck of the carrier over the sound of the skyfoogle lying in wait to make the first move: the Neydians in the water below couldn't make their voices loud enough to be heard over the top of all the noise.
"Sounds like a plan: Reyna, you man the guns and I'll try and lure it towards your firing range"
"How exactly do you plan on doing that Liaku?"
"Watch and learn, my boy" Were the last words spoken by Liaku to Mikhail before he sent a single bullet flying towards the ominous eyeball that dominated the front of his opponents body. Despite the bullet seemingly having no physical effect and just pinging off of it, the Skyfoogle screamed in rage and began hurling it's giant form towards Liaku. The giant lunges it took were easily outpacing Liaku's comparatively pathetic sprint towards the other end of the carrier, so in an attempt to assist him Darnia and Mikhail opened fire on the Skyfoogle. Their shots too, however, were ineffective against the Skyfoogle's seemingly impenetrable battle armour. Despite this, Liaku did manage to get the Skyfoogle into a position where Reyna could attempt to shoot it down; however a few moments after he got their the Skyfoogle caught up with him and swatted him away, knocking him all the way across the ship in front of the gun Reyna was trying to use; leading to her cowering behind it in fear. Seeing this unfold, Mikhail and Darnia turned towards each other; while Darnia kept her stone cold complexion, Mikhail's face was wrought with shock and terror. Despite that, he was able to manage the effort to talk to Darnia.
"Listen, ok so -"
"I don't want to hear it"
"We may not make it-"
"We're gonna make it"
"So look there's something I've been meaning to tell you-"
"Save it for when we've finished here"
"Look, just listen alright?" Upon saying this, Darnia turned towards him and looked him dead in the eye: piercing blue met murky brown as Mikhail tried to finish his sentence - stumbling around with most the words as a result. "I wanted to tell you something in case we don't make it out of here, and that's that I, uh, really, like-" but whatever his next word was going to be got cut off as the Skyfoogle now bared down on them after being satisfied with what it had done to Liaku; Darnia was far more prepared than Mikhail as she was able to grab him and dive out of the way of the Skyfoogle catapulting into them: resulting in it instead colliding with the tower on the ship. This bought the pair some time; although no doubt once it recovered from the unwanted collision the Skyfoogle would be even more enraged than it already was.
"Ok, Mikhail here's what we're going to do: you run over there and try and lure it off the ship, I'll go this way and try and gun it down - same plan as before but me and you doing it, got it?"
"G-got it..."
"Oh, and what were you going to tell me earlier?"
"Uh, nothing, don't worry about it"
"Right..." Although Darnia was sceptical, she didn't really have any time to push the topic as the Skyfoogle then recovered from it's injury and let out yet another ear-piercing roar before resuming it's assault on the SISN agents. Unfortunately for Mikhail, he was the first target chosen and stood no chance, despite his best efforts to dodge. With both Mikhail and Liaku incapacitated, Darnia stood little to no chance, but still tried her best to fiddle around with gun she'd decided to run towards. But, whilst she was trying to get it working, the voices from the Spearsians in the water finally reached her ears, and while they weren't clear by any means, the general message she was getting was 'Sing it a lullaby!'. That seemed ridiculous, but she was fighting some eldritch being that had no business existing by the laws of natural selection, on top of a stolen aircraft carrier; so it being ridiculous wasn't much of a problem - plus, she was completely out of options, and these guys probably knew whatever this thing was better than her, so they were probably more knowledgeable when it came to how to beat it. The problem, however, came from trying to wrack her memory for a lullaby - her parents never sang her anyway when she was younger and she was never taught any at school, so she severely struggled to think of one. Just as she was about to give up and try to hum a track from minecraft to it, she was struck with a memory from many years ago..


December 29th, 1997: a younger Darnia was sitting in the back of an old car, quietly crying to herself although the details of the location weren't spot on, she knew it was somewhere mid-way up the Kalsavys mountain range. Her family were driving home from their uncle's house after having stayed over from the holidays. Despite the fun she'd had, her ears didn't hold up very well when descending from very high places, and as of the past day she had begun to become homesick, so those two things compounded created a very sad young girl in the back of the car. A woman in her late forties then leaned back from the front seat to talk to her: she must have looked similar to how Darnia looked now, but Darnia couldn't remember her exact features.
"Aww, what's wrong Sweatpea?"
"Her ears pop easily, and it hurts her a lot - apparently" That was the response from her dad, who must have been driving the car. "Don't you have music that can cheer her up?"
"Oooh, good idea I'll have a look... ah, here's something!" After a quick rummage through her handbag, Darnia's mother fished out a cassette tape of a song, and started playing it...


And that song is exactly what came back into Darnia's mind at this very moment: the joyful yet melancholic tone gave it the same sort of feel as a lullaby, even if it wasn't really one.
"It helped me go to sleep, so this thing had better like it..." And with that, Darnia stepped out from behind the gun and faced the Skyfoogle. For it' part, it immediately charged headlong towards Darnia, but stopped in its tracks once it heard her singing voice and listened very astutely to what she was singing:
"Don't, cry child
Got so much more to live for
Don't, cry child
There'll be so much more to cry for
And when it comes to an end
Just be glad you'll smile again
Because so many don't
'Cause so many d-"
Although clearly not finished with the song, the Skyfoogle had apparently heard enough to go to sleep as it toppled over on the deck of the ship. Darnia simply stood still looking at it for a few seconds, completely in shock at the fact what she did actually worked, but this astonishment was interrupted by:

"Oh wow, I never thought you had a good singing voice!"
"Uh- Reyna! You're still conscious?"
"Um... yes?"
"Then. Why. Didn't. You. Help?" Darnia's rage was practically filling the air, so Reyna desperately needed to find a way to calm her down
"Uumm... we still need to find a way to get the ship back, don't we?" That reminded seemed to do the trick, as Darnia's brain was focused on the problem at hand, rather than figuring out how she was going to throw Reyna into the sea.
"Well... we could do with ditching this... thing" She indicated towards the sleeping Skyfoogle "And we need to get Liaku and Mikhail fixed up. If I can deal with that, can you get the ship running?"
"See, I still need a crew, and we still don't have one..."
"Ah, that's where you're mistaken" Reyna looked at her quizzically, so Darnia led her to the edge of the ship, and waved her hand over the water filled to the brim with Spearsians "Your crew's right there".