Region: Northern Utopia


The Commonwealth of Skeld

Dispatch from Skeld's Government House:

The Prime Minister of Skeld set his pen down with rigour, gazing out to sea from his office window. "Oh that's quite interesting. It appears that other countries exist", he muttered to himself.
The Foreign Trade Act, which he then signed after its passage in Parliament, opened the ports of Halifax, Bethelton, Ny Tromsř, Silbertsvík, and Kirkja to foreign trade; ending years of national isolation.

Dispatch from Minister of Foreign Relations, Trent Larsson:

"The Commonwealth of Skeld is open to trade dialogue with other nations, and would like to export fine Skeld cheeses, knit wool sweaters, and cod by the boatload. Additionally, Skeld is open to establishing lines of diplomatic communication and embassies abroad."