Region: Northern Utopia


The Republic of AusValia

President Williams Wins in a Landslide

Last night the voters spoke, and overwhelming voted to give John Williams a second term as President. All told, the President received nearly six million more votes than that of Conservative candidate, Mayor Robert Richie. Williams will be the first of the last two Presidents to serve a second term.

However, many political experts are calling this the "lonely landslide" as the United Future Party lost more seats than they picked up in the legislature. The Conservatives picked up seven more seats in the Upper House, a place where the President spent a lot of time and money campaigning to take back.

Meanwhile, the Lower House will be tied for the first time in the nation's history, with 50 Conservatives and 50 United Future members. With the Head of the Head up for grabs in a crucial Lower House vote, the UFP is doing all they can not to lose all of the legislature.

Standoff Enters Day Six

There has been no clear end in sight for the longest Federal Standoff in the nation's history. Ashton Carter has been held up with the remaining members of his church since the Federal Police engaged in a shootout with the cult, leading to the deaths of two members and one federal officer. As it stands, twenty-three people have left the compound, leaving seventy-one still inside.

Mr. Carter and his group show no signs of compliance, rather it appears both sides are engaging in a psychological power struggle.

"We have no intention of allowing this to drag on forever. If negotiations are not more fruitful, we may be taking action as early as this weekend." Special Agent in charge, Jarrod Howard.

The Federal Police have cut all electricity to the compound and are promising increasing pressure unless Mr. Carter ends the standoff.

Xeon 1 Takes Orbit

The first AusValian craft to extend past the moon has reached its final destination, the Bahram orbit. Equipped with nearly a dozen cameras, its mission is to fly past Bahram and send back pictures of the surface of the planet. The satellite will orbit the planet for several weeks allowing scientists to make a complete 3-D mapping of the planet.

"This information will be instrumental in our understanding of other planets and the creation of the universe. Xeon 1 will give us the inspiration to reach further into the cosmos." ACA Director Gene Kranz.

The ACA will begin releasing the photos over the next couple of weeks and say it could take a month or more to put together the 3-D model.