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Increased support for foster families.

OOC; Elections are going to be put on ice until I can get back and actually make it worthwhile.

Nationwide violence, be it physical, sexual, or psychosocial, are at an all-time low, which obviously, is fantastic, however, whilst many figures are going on a downward line, many figures show an opposite trend, which has been ignored for an inexcusable amount of time, and now with the new figures, the issue simply cannot be ignored any longer.

The issue of child abuse has, without an excusable, or valid reason, been left relegated to the darkness of many a politicianís mind, which, doesnít include the damages from not stepping in and taking necessary actions so to not cause any further unnecessary damage to the next generation.

However, as it first my seem bleak, there is now finally light at the end of the oh so dim tunnel, which we may call politics, for now, with the newest investigations and data possible in front of the current government, it would come as no shock to the mind of many that horrified, and absolutely in shock, would be the preferred way of telling the faces of the many politicians who read through the report.

And horrified was the intended reaction many had hoped to see, as the report goes to the increases of child abuse throughout the years, the newest data shows that just a year ago, calls for child protective services for neglected and abused children by family, or relatives or others went from 842 to 1453 which is an increase of 72,5%. And with the newest data from last month, the numbers are still rising. From 1214 to 2153 which is an increase of 77.3%.

With all that data it came as a no brainer that effective and diligent actions must be taken, and quickly, which was seen occurring with breakneck speed as politicians called for assistance from various experts from their respective field of expertise.

With the speed that this is currently undergoing, the needed changes to the foster care system are expected to come sooner rather than later, which, is always good news.

OOC; as someone who lives with a foster family this resonates with me a fair bit, was also the reason as to write it. I hope itís at least somewhat decent.