Region: Northern Utopia


The Commonwealth of Arwindom

AusValia wrote:Tauranga Hostage Standoff Enters Day Two

After a full 24-hours of negotiations, Federal Police have reported they are no closer to ending the standoff with a cult in Trace County. One-hundred and two members, led by their leader Ashton Carter have held up in a compound after a near thirty-minute gunfight with police yesterday, leading to the deaths of three people.

Hostage negotiations began first thing this morning, and were reported to be going well, however, things quickly fell apart when Carter said he had new visions to stay with his people,

" At the start of Friday, Mr. Carter was willing to leave the compound peacefully. This evening he later told negotiators that he had been given a vision to stay with his people.", Officer in Charge, David Palmer.

Police are being challenged, as the group is well armed and stocked with supplies,

"We are unsure if we can wait them out, and because of the heat warnings this weekend, along with the safety of the children, we are trying to avoid shutting off the electricity, however it may come to that."

Negotiators are trying to avoid escalating the situation and are focused on trying to free the twenty-eight children still trapped inside.

Political Push Back for the Situation

The hostage situation has quickly built to national headlines and fueled members of the radical right who believe this is a massive government overreach. Protests have broken out outside the police zone and throughout the nation calling for the police to back down,

"This is a church, a clear violation of these people's rights, for what, some guns?" Steve Atherton, a community resident.

Even members of the legislature have questioned the tactics of the Federal Police which led to the deaths of two members of the group and one Federal Officer. Director Vance of the Federal Police has stood by his officers,

"Our officers were serving a valid search warrant for the illegal holding of explosives and modified guns to the value of over half a million dollars. Ashton Carter had and still has the opportunity to end this for the safety of everyone involved. He is the only one to blame."

Rossendam, National Intelligence Agency Operational HQ
3rd May 2020

The voice of the TV presenter has been ignored so far, with everybody in the hall having something better to do than watch the stupid 6 PM news issue of the Central Broadcasting Service. The monotonous sound of typing keyboards, sometimes accompanied by hurried footsteps and the sharp ringing of phones (Arwindom is notorious for its continued use of old-fashioned "buzzers") suggested that there was plenty of work to be done.

Suddenly, one of the agents faced away from his monitor and turned, alerted, towards the TV. "...the AusValian Federal Police have reported they are no closer to ending the standoff with a cult..." - the TV presenter kept speaking, while a video from an AusValian police helmet camera was streamed onto the screen. "Stupid AusValians" - the agent thought as he turned back towards his monitor. "Always something brewing up over there" - he thought while re-reading an email from his supervisor for what seemed like the 20th time.

He couldn't stay focused, however. Something seemed off. He turned back towards the TV, this time to the phrase "hostage negotiations" accompanied by gunfire. Something was off, definitely, but he couldn't understand what. "Carter" - he thought. "Seems familiar".

By now, a dozen other agents were also looking at the TV, confused, not knowing what distracted them. Colonel Webster also noticed the commotion, briefly raising his head above a report he was reading. "Get back to work, ladies!" - he barked, annoyed at the rapidly dropping level of concentration in the hall. But now he was also distracted. Something did seem special about this footage.

A door slammed open as a young lieutenant burst into the room, accompanied by several other agents. "Colonel Webster!" - they shouted, rushing towards the colonel's desk. "Colonel Webster!"

10 minutes later

As the audience quickly settled down, Colonel Webster, director of the 3rd Section of the Counter-Intelligence Department of the NIS, started to speak.

"It is only by accident, gentlemen, by a sudden turn of fortune that we now know what we didn't know just thirty minutes ago" - he spoke confidently and distinctively from the podium, making a brief pause after every word. "Our colleagues in the AusValian Federal Police have contacted us earlier today, sending us a list of the known cult members that are right now, as we speak, besieged by AusValian authorities after resisting a search and starting a firefight which has already claimed the lives of three people" - the Colonel paused, to let what he had just said sink into the ears of his listeners.

"They asked us whether one of the names seemed in any way familiar. At first, we didn't understand what this had to do with us. But after re-reading the list several times, our agents have reached a shocking conclusion. "

"James Morton, one of the hundred-twenty-two cult members currently engaged against the AusValian police, is... is not James Morton at all. Gentlemen, the AusValian police have unknowingly cornered Frederick DeBianchi, known mafiosi and terrorist, leader of "Spades", the group responsible for the 2004 Rossendam Underground bombings as well as numerous other events which I don't feel the need to mention here as they are known by all Arwindens."

"Mr. DeBianchi has been pursued by our authorities for nearly 16 years now in a terrible game of cat and mouse. He outwitted us, numerous times. We have no idea how any why he escaped to AusValia, but now, it seems, justice has finally caught up to him."

Grave silence filled the conference hall before erupting into a terrible storm of clapping, cheering and screaming. "Ladies and Gentlemen..." - the Colonel spoke amidst continuing celebration - "They got him."

Horhafen RAF, 20 minutes later

"Rider 1, ready for takeoff!" - the pilot announced over the intercom, laying his hand on the engine throttle of his "Maverick" military transport aircraft. "Rider 1, cleared for takeoff!" - the answer came, and the 66 tonnes of sheer awesomeness sprung from their place and rolled forward, speeding up faster and faster along the runway under the low, steady buzz of its four mighty propfan engines, to be followed soon after by another "Maverick" and then yet another one.


The National Intelligence Service Directorate asks the government of AusValia for permission for its armed agents to join the standoff at Trace Country.

It's a matter of national pride for Arwindom to ensure justice catches up to this piece of human scum who has the audacity to call himself a man. We currently have several aircraft airborne loaded with agents and operators from the 27th Special Ops. Division who, with your permission, will head to AusValia to assist your law enforcement officials in orchestrating the negotiations with the cult members or arresting them by force, as well as bringing Mr. DeBianchi to the Commonwealth to face justice in the court of law.

Dispatch from the Ministry of Foreign Relations

Commonwealth of Arwindom.