Region: Northern Utopia


The Alpine Kingdom of The Soviet state of Svalbard

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"Well, I didn't expect it to be that easy" Darnia remarked, as the 'ship burglars' as they had come to be known by the three, lay in what used to be Darnia, Mikhail, and Liaku's beds, tied up and immobilised. While they had been expecting to have to fight them, the moment they burst into the three's sleeping quarters and drew arms, they immediately surrendered seeing as they had nothing to fight back with. After that, Reyna had been freed and put to the task of getting the ship back to the dock in Poreliscav; however being one person that task was next to impossible. Liaku then re-entered the room, after being sent to check on Reyna's progress. "How's she doing?"
"She's got no chance of getting this thing going without a crew - we're going to have to ask for one from the SRN; it'll blow the operation, but at least we'll get the ship back"
"Look: we went into this as a covert operation, we're not blowing our own cover that easily; there's got to be another way"
"Doesn't look like it"
"You two going to keep nattering like an old couple, or do you want breakfast?" Mikhail then came into the room, holding two plates with strips of bacon on
"Yeah, I'll take that thanks. Where's the coffee by the way?" Liaku was too engrossed in his food to ask any questions
"So, a load of it leaked at some point, so there was only enough for one person; and may I remind you who cooked breakfast today?"
"Of course you'd take it - although, you barely function without coffee so I can't blame you" The three than ate breakfast in silence, after which they headed upstairs to survey the surroundings.
They had ended up in a lagoon like area in the Queendom: the Failnaught was floating on water that was so clear you could see your reflection clearly from high above the sea level. It was flanked by incredibly high mountains that blocked your sight on every angle except for a small mouth just barely wide enough to fit the superheavy carrier through. On the side of one of the cliff faces their appeared to be a small cave opening where a wide variety of strange noises were originating from. The three just passed it off as the wind howling, however.

"So, how much longer will we be stuck here?"
"Assuming they fly the crew in, about another day, then at least a week at sea" Reyna had just come up from her new found home in the engine room of the ship to answer Darnia's question.
"Ah thank goodness, I think I might go crazy living off Mikhail's bacon rations for any longer than that"
"Now that is just uncalled for, come on"
"Oh it's totally called for"
"I am under siege at all times in this group aren't I?" After the other three unanimously agreed that Mikhail's cooking was subpar, he proceeded to sulk before trying to find a different topic for conversation. "You know, I'm still holding out hope that we'll find a way to get it back without having to blow the operation to the navy" Darnia couldn't help but agree
"Yeah, as much as I detest your cooking I'd rather not blow the operation; and especially not have it blown by the navy - they're all a bunch of complete gossipers; I'm surprised that Kinny bloke didn't go an tell all his friends that he lost his own ship" Reyna wasn't all to happy her own department was getting trash talked right in front of her.
"Oi, I am right here you know?"
"Oh- er, yeah of course I knew, hehe, none of that includes you of course..."
"Right, totally... What's Liaku doing anyway?"
Liaku had been silent during the whole conversation as he was currently analysing the ident in the mountain that kept producing weird and wonderful sounds. Currently, it sounded like an engine was revving up while some sort of creature was roaring in the background.
"Hey, that cave over there makes some weird noises doesn't it?" Reyna nodded her head in agreement, while Liaku continued to scrutinise what could be seen of the entrance. Darnia, on the other hand, paid the conversation no mind.
"Yeah, it does get pretty eerie at night..."
"Oh, don't be such babies; it's just the wind - you know where I used to live there were storms all the time and the wind would blow through the cracks in the walls so it sounded just like that every nig-"
"Umm, that is not just the wind..." Darnia's tangent was cut short as Liaku got the other three to look towards the cave entrance to see a helicopter rising from the hole. Mikhail was the first to respond, as Liaku was simply incredibly confused, and the two girls were still shocked in awe.
"That... cannot be safe in any way shape or form; why are they lau- WHAT ACTUALLY IS THAT?" As if a helicopter seemingly rising from underground wasn't enough, it was soon trailed by a flying... something. It was a cyclops like creature - in that it had one ginormous eye and in literally no other way: it had unnerving, scally green skin with wings that were unreasonably small for such a giant creature. It's body was shaped like an oversized balloon; the majority of its form was a huge sphere with a small tail trailing off at the end. Currently, it seemed intent on attacking this helicopter that had just left before it with it's rather menacingly long and sharp claws.
Despite the helicopter's best efforts, the creature was able to catch up to it effortlessly and practically swat the helicopter out of the sky into the lagoon right next to the SRN Failnaught. Seemingly, it wasn't satisfied with this though as it then catapulted towards down towards the helicopter. Darnia this time was the first to come to her senses.

"Wh-wh-what is that thing?" However her question couldn't be answered as the being paused in the sky, then changed direction
"Well I'll tell you what it's doing: it's coming straight for us!" Upon Liaku saying this; the being crash landed on to the deck of the ship; causing severe damage and significantly tipping the ship over with its weight. It then let out an ear-piercing roar:"?♫D=Q-2∟D‼3╓2"2aG╒=⌐╥╓:" and proceeded to close in on its opponents. The battle with the Skyfoogle then began.