Region: Northern Utopia


The Unified Provinces of Jezabelstien

SDII Darksite, Progress External Development Zone, Meridian Commonwealth
Perry sat at the small composite table as he idly observed the unfolding movie upon the small electronic device, dark brown hair long and ragged with a beard grown out and as unkempt as his white polymer jumpsuit.
Tight confines soothed with an artificial climate and synthetic sunlight, but despite the date and time projected onto the wall from an unseen source, he had lost track of all sense of time.
"I really think you kids shouldn't be playing about with that thing." he spoke to the screen, "Been around that block enough to know that glowing swords never end well." before an unfamiliar chime sounded from the device, a small message popping up over the projection of the fantastical battle starting to unfold, 'Stand clear of the door.'
His confusion manifesting with a drawn out; "Huh?" before the wall of his cell exploded, smoke spilling in from the outside as he looked over at the door blown clean from its track, half-embedded in the unused bed.
Perry coughed as he tried to fan the smoke away from his face, "I'm BUSY." he half shouted into the seemingly empty corridor, returning his attention to the small entertainment device before being pulled from his chair to face the dark clad woman in a silken black dress, steel-toned eyes looked over the annoyed Perry before she began to drag him to the door.
"What's the meaning of all this, who are you?" he shouted, shoving her away as he tried his best to stow the tablet in the hem of his pants; "Because you suck at this assassination thing."
The woman's response was sharp and monotone, doing her best with her well-toned arms to keep dragging the disorientated Perry down the metal corridor, now throbbing with bright red lighting; "Our mistress asked that you be returned, so you will be."
"Your... mistress?" The stimulation of the situation finally sparked his isolation addled mind into action, "Oh, OH... you took your time didn't you?... what's my husband gonna think of me being away all this time?"
Dark shadowy figures seemed to form in the corridors before his senses went blank, a sudden blinding brilliance scrambling his already strained mind as dull thuds seemed to last an eternity...
Eventually the world returned to focus, he was stuck slumped over a railing as his savior seemed to struggle with an electronic lock; Perry tried to speak but only made soft meaningless gasps before being pulled over the woman's shoulder as she set another explosive upon the metal door.
The explosion seemed silent, but the shock was felt through his body, pulled through the blasted hole and down corridor after corridor, the sterile white materials blending together in his mind.
By the time his perceptions caught up, he was keeled over a railing in a vehicle bay with the contents of his stomach upon the top of a sleek armoured van beneath them, "...the hells was that?" Perry asked weakly, holding himself up as his strength returned slowly.
Distant sounds of alarms were the first thing that struck him as the high pitched whine in his ears faded, following by the repeated clashing of metal upon metal.
The room was filled with a collection of sharply angled white-painted transports of shapes and sizes, covered with ambiguous and alien livery, apart from the obvious stand-out of his own vehicle, coaxing a small smile from him; "Oh hey they kept it intact..." he said aloud, looking around once more for the sisterhood agent; "You still here missy?"
"They've locked them all down." came her reply from across the motor pool, turning back to face him; "We'll have to go on foot."
Perry shook his head as he motioned to the mostly intact police interceptor, indentation of the sanitation truck still evident upon its side; "I'm driving." he smugly stated, making his way down the staircase as the woman looked over the vehicle with a incredulous expression, asking "Does it still run?"
"No confidence in your own country?... made in Seraphim, top of the line." he replied, cracking open the damaged door with a little bit of effort, the reinforced dashboard and leather seats slightly scuffed by the impact, a tender grip upon the wheel as he slipped into the seat and pulled the door closed behind him.
He took some moments to stretch his arms out as the unseen maiden set about opening up the garage doors, the metal barriers receding seamlessly into the floor and exposing the ramp up to the bright sunlight beyond...
Perry reached under his seat and pulled out the dust-covered officer cap, brushing a thumb gently over the JPD insignia before slipping the spare key out from within the hem, slipping it on his head as the woman returned, sitting in the front passenger seat and directing Perry with a firm, "Pickup is southbound, the desert doesn't have heavy coverage."
"Oh I'm sure the Thane's lackies would just love this." Perry replied, following up with a distracted; "You girls don't make this easy do you?" as with a deft touch spurred the vehicle to life, the deafening rumble setting off further alarms, tires squealing as the dented high-performance interceptor practically flew up the heavy ramp, smashing aside a lightweight ball-wheeled trike as Perry took a scant moment to rub his eyes before throwing the wheel to the left, inciting a sharp turn down the illuminated roadways.
Shimmering translucent projections formed upon the road, flashing red warnings and orders to stop, "So you got a name, miss?" Perry asked, keeping his motions smooth as the lines of aerodynamic automated vehicles did their best to part from the path of the speeding interceptor.
"Eyes ahead, MEL agents are mobilizing." was the woman's curt response, before adding on a delayed; "Neriah..."
"Like Neriah Smith or just that?..."
The short conversation was punctuated with a sharp turn down a tunnel entrance, leaving behind the sterile white cityscape with an end unseen, the sides of the tunnel pitted with already stopped vehicles in advance of their thunderous approach.
Perry's curiosity peaked as the distant sound of sirens began to approach, asking bluntly: "So I don't mean to be a bother, but like... you know the reason for any of this?"
"SDII records stated you as a heavy flight risk and possible accomplice to the blackout attack some months ago." Neriah replied as she readied her sidearm, a silvered large-bore handgun styled with engraved roses.
"Okay so that's the official story." Perry stated between a pair of small turns in the long tunnel, attention split between the approaching end and the wave of high-speed ball-treaded black-tinted personnel carriers, "But the real reason?"
Perry's laugh overpowered the rumbling engine before he was cut short by the blinding light of the open desert, the ill-populated road stretching off into the seemingly infinite sand dunes.
"I should of brought some shades..."

Eyes adjusted to the blinding sunlight, he kept his increasingly sweaty hands upon the wheel, the ever-approaching pursuers stuck in the back of his mind as he tried to keep the somewhat unbalanced vehicle straight upon the desert road.
"So how far to pickup?"
Neriah shrugged in reply, handgun still held at the ready, "No features, no map... I can't get something from nothing."
Perry shifted uncomfortably before locking his eyes forwards, pitching dunes and desert plants rolled by as the net slowly tightened... soon the silhouettes of the vehicles were easing into his peripheral vision, a loud; "PULL OVER." shouted loud enough to pierce the wind and mechanical cacophony.
But in one smooth motion, Neriah had shattered through the side window with her elbow and fired, the ethereal blue flash and smoke trail blown away in an instant by the winds as one of the vehicles wheels sized and collapsed, sending in spinning out of control across the road.
Following up by leaning out through the broken glass, her long hair and silken dress whipping violently as she took careful aim and fired... and fired again, a short staggered series of shots puncturing the frame of the other sleek truck, leading it to pull away and stop its chase.
Perry breathed deeply as he tried to keep his nervous hands steady, Neriah slipped back into her seat and pulled her safety harness on, leaving the pair of them staring outwards at the desert road.
After many awkward minutes, he eventually glanced over and spoke up over the rushing winds, "SO THEY TEACH YOU HOW TO DO THAT OR JUST..." meeting Neriahs steeled gaze, he shifted; "WHERE'S THE PICKUP?"
Neriah motioned upwards, point a finger to the sky... a shadow loomed across the front of the interceptor, a black behemoth hundreds of meters long screaming ahead of them upon red-hot jet engines, drifting lower and lower until its bulk blocked the sun from them, navigation lights flashing back and forth as the heavy cargo ramp slowly descended.
"You've got be..." Perry muttered before a maiden leapt out from the back of the Siege Leviathan, gracefully gliding along the metal cable before landing upon the hood of the interceptor with a heavy thud, pulling the cable under the interceptor and mouthing to Perry to 'hold onto something'.
His stomach lurched as the vehicle was pulled forwards into the back of the behemoth, holding his hands over his ears to shield them from the deafening jet turbines before the sensation of metal scraping and a solid thump indicated they were aboard.
Perry sat in silence, unable to make out the dark of the cargo bay as Neriah opened up the door, "HEY..." he shouted, "Thanks for this, uhh... guess I'll see you around huh?"
She didn't even look back, "No... you won't.", dark feminine figures draped a metal mask over her head and wrapped her in a concealing cloak, Perry struggled to open his own door in confusion, practically throwing himself to get a look but...
He couldn't remember why.
Perry glanced about the bay, two dozen women stared down upon him from catwalks and consoles, all wearing the same black silken dress and white petticoat, "Huh.." he mumbled, before the scent of long-worn and sweaty clothes hit him, "OH HEY... you lot got any spare clothes?"
They only stared at him further, coaxing an embarrassed; "Oh... right."