Region: Northern Utopia



"High King Ferdon. You summoned me?" Amir came to a stop, bowing quickly before smoothing his elegant clothing.

The king moved forward in his throne, eyeing the other for a moment before leaning back again. "I am sending you to our new allies in Jezabelstien. Expect a great deal of time just to get in. But, this is very important. You must he them to help us modernize. We need a modern fleet and modern urbanisation. As well, we need help building up our standing army. Offer them exclusive trade deals, beg if need be. This country cannot die. But it will, if we don't get their help. Now go. And bring the blueprints for the hammerhead. Perhaps their submarine experts can make it even better. They may even help build them. Death guide you, diplomat."

"Death guide you, your grace." Once again he bowed, not keen on questioning orders.