Region: Northern Utopia


The Republic of AusValia


Hello all,

First off, I want to congratulate Grenopia and Hismat on their victory and wish you both the best of luck throughout your term. You both have some bold ideas that will hopefully work towards moving our region forward.

To those in the cabinet, both during my first and second term, I want to thank you for working alongside, coaching, and mentoring me throughout this journey.

To everyone else, I start by owing you an apology. I never thought things would get so bad in the real world that it would take a lot of my attention. However, I hope the work we did over the last six months can still allow this to be a successful term.

With that, I owe everyone in the region a thank you for your support and putting your trust in me, and this will conclude the AusValia administration.

Stay well, and see you in role play.