Region: Northern Utopia


The Republic of AusValia

Major Import Laws Approved by the Legislature

At the request of the Department of Homeland and Global Security, the legislature passed sweeping import law reform as part of a new policy by Director Leon Vance.

The new law, which is expected to pass and be signed by the President, will now ban all weapons, including all knives, or sharp objects, plants, laser products, and tobacco products.

" These new restrictions will ensure the safety of our people, community, economy, and agriculture. They may cause some short headaches for some, but the need for proactive measures will be worth it." stated Director Vance at a meeting with the Lower House Legislature.

The new restrictions will not go into effect for two full weeks, after that, Border Protection is expected to begin a "zero tolerance policy" for items on this list. Those who do try and sneak products into the country could face a fine as high as $2,000, a ban on entry to the country, and possible imprisonment.

First Presidential Debate Ends With No Clear Victory

The first of two Presidential debates has ended between United Future Party member President Williams, and Conservative nominee Mayor Robert Richie. Williams was going into the debate as the clear winner, but Richie surprised many, some calling him the winner.

Both candidates received a small bump in the polls, mostly coming from undecideds, which make up 12% of registered voters. The Williams campaign has announced plans to focus on the undecided voters over the next few weeks, while the Richie campaign is focusing on its efforts to regain momentum in the northeast and chip into the President's lead.

Currently, the President is polling 7 points ahead of the Mayor as we reach the halfway point in this campaign cycle.

Standoff In Tauranga

Federal Police in Trace County, on the northern part of Tauranga are in a standoff against 102 members of a cult. The group is led by Ashton Carter, who has referenced himself as the savior of mankind, and has 100 followers living in a compound just outside of the local town.

Federal police were exercising a federal search warrant after a month long investigation. The police were tipped off that the group's leader had been purchasing nearly half a million dollars in illegal weapons. When the Federal Police arrived on the scene, shots were exchanged. It is not clear at this time who fired first, but a near 30-minute exchange broke out resulting in the death of two individuals at the compound and one federal officer.

Negotiators arrived on scene just a short while ago as the group threatened to fire again at police if they came too close. Of the 100 members, 28 of them are children below the age of 18.