Region: Northern Utopia


The Unified Provinces of Jezabelstien

Kjanu wrote:


The fog in the window parted enough for the shadow of a giant skeletal structure.
“We only have the skeleton complete, but work should finish shortly on the rest of the body and we should be able to use it within a month.”
“That’s good… but, what is it?”
“The main focus of the Project. Something to protect us from all our threats. Fully automated, only needs us here to control it. We don’t have a name for them yet, Sung-min wanted to call it a god-warrior but that was a little self-serving.”
“You aren’t explaining much Hirohisa.”
“I don’t need to, you’ll see when it’s done.”

Nordic Democratic Republic, Northern Outskirts of Bukkvika, Private Residence
Rosie sat alone in the carpeted room, half-read books scattered about the base of her couch as she stared blankly at the creaking window, the brisk and blustering winds trying thier best to seep indoors while rolling gentle waves through the distant trees and tall grass.
She jerked upwards when a knock sounded upon the wooden door, dragging her long mess of red hair out of her eyes as she spoke out; "What is it?"
"There's a man here to see you, looks like work stuff?"
Unseen hands balling into frustrated fists, a deep breath doing much to bury the welt of frustration that delayed her response, "Tell them I'll be a minute..."
"Alright, Mary says dinner's up in five; don't be late."
As the young man's footsteps proceeded down the wooden steps, she slowly stood up, gazing at her slight reflection in the window to aid straightening out her flurried mess of hair in a vain effort to look nonplussed, before guiltily peeking out into the corridor and retreating to her bedroom.
She dumped cold water over herself and changed from her loose casual clothes, tying her hair back and doing her best to mask the tired marks under her eyes before dressing in an elaborate two-piece suit, dumping a case upon her bed and throwing in a collection of clothes almost angrily as she caught the sound of the bedroom door opening behind her.
Her frustrated gaze met the blue eyes of the stout, short Mary; who quickly noticed the laid out clothes and half-packed case and retreated solemnly down the corridor to the staircase.
Rosie returned to packing immediately, stalling only for a moment to wipe her eyes clear before slamming the case shut and following the traveled path down the long wooden staircase, not bothering to stop as she swung open the front door and greeted the cold air and the equally cold expression of the man standing out besides an all black car.
She didn't look back, climbing into the back seat where a well-dressed woman with a red rose in her hair dumped a cardboard envelope upon Rosie's lap, coaxing the curious question; "So where am I going?"
"Kjanu dear." the white haired woman replied, "They're doing something big."