Region: Philosophy 115


The Hopeful Laughter of The Voice of ARB

I think the Singularity is great fun to think about. And a bit depressing, since if immortality arrives in 2045, I won't be alive to see it. *pouts*

The Singularity is often called "the Rapture of the nerds", but I think it's beyond that now. I recently read a serious historical work called "Why the West Rules", and one of its conclusions is that the fate of the world is now a frantic race between Nightfall (the end of civilization) and the Singularity. If so, I know which of the two I'm rooting for.

To get some idea what the Singularity might be (given that by its nature, it's essentially beyond our understanding), read Charles Stross's Accelerando. It's not an easy read, but it is an astonishing one. You only think you've experienced sense of wonder...