Region: 1st Lutheran Christian Community


The Confederation of Lutheran Commonwealth

Sweedish wrote:haha, no. I'm American, ELCA.
I was wondering if this community would consider calling me as its pastor. I am currently a law student, but I am dicerning a call to ministry, and I think an outlet like this would be great to express my love for Jesus and build up the Kingdom here.

May I ask why you're calling yourself "Sweedish" then? Is it because of your ancestry? Or do you just have a love for Sweden, without even using its flag?

As for the other, why does this region need a pastor? After all, this is not a church, this is a region, with a Lutheran theme, with a regional message board, intended to be informal and social in character. If people want to see a pastor, they go to a church, and should go to a church.