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Gay has an executive Founder, a non-executive Delegate, and 5 Officers. (?)

Executive Can appoint/dismiss Officers and set their authority. Founders with Executive authority can modify the authority of the Delegate, but Delegates cannot modify Founders. If the Founder is absent from the region, the Delegate gains Executive authority automatically ("by circumstance").
World Assembly Can vote on World Assembly proposals and resolutions.
Appearance Can modify the World Factbook Entry, Flag, and Tags, and pin Dispatches.
Border Control By spending Regional Influence, can eject/ban/unban nations and set/modify/remove the region password.
Communications Can send region-wide telegrams without stamps, compose Welcome telegrams, suppress & unsuppress posts on the Regional Message Board, and control who can recruit for the region.
Embassies Can open/close embassies with other regions and extend embassy posting privileges.
Polls Can create polls.
The Safe Haven of LGBT Equality Founder Executive Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Most Serene Republic of Aleixandria WA Delegate World Assembly
The Kingdom of KanisRegional Guardian
by LGBT Equality
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
GattoarticoRegional Guardian
by LGBT Equality
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Great Empire of KunduRegional Executive
by LGBT Equality
Appearance Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The United Kingdom of Western WeasseyCommunity Leader (Foreign Affairs/RP Moderator)
by LGBT Equality
Border Control Communications Embassies Polls
The Free Egalitarian Republic of LysheimCommunity Leader (Cartographer/RP Moderator)
by LGBT Equality
Border Control Communications Polls

Border Control

  • Nations do not require a password to enter Gay.

  • Nations banned from Gay: Alabama-georgia confederacy, Allishive, Alphamen, Amogos bakas, Amogos sussy, Anti lgbt, Antigay3, Aydan Oemoerdoegoenoez, Borazoth, Capercom, Captain lard, Christisgood, Cisplatinaa, Creamymeme, Darkstow, Death to homophobes, Democratic alaak geoducal, Democratic stangragn unis, Diddy dank, Dmitry of uglich x stakanov x alex baldw, Drug town, Duo the god, Eeeeeeem, Embrace homophobia, Environmental awareness, Estado de los altos, Estoprussia, Fascfii, Fasciitis, Fhrtwrrwererw, Fist glaporleopia, Formlands, Gayzist state of quedas, Geneviev, Hell balls, Hydra12, Ifu8, Ihateniggrs, Inc nation, Jernamia, Joshs ego, K4ystein, Karjalla, Kingdom Of The UN, Lansaka, Lesbianpeople, Lgbtqqi, Mclard, Mogglaand, Neoautodale, New fer feds, Nigga ass shlt, Nogays, Nogays5, North nathanian, North north korea the sequel, Northern timena, Potato to the power of 5, Pr furlan, Princeton iv, Pup stive, Qaskura, Rabient, Really crappy lard, Restored qing dynasty, Roben, Romanian germany, Scott Bakula From Quantum Leap, Securitatem primum, Shin sekai, Slavian orthodox church, Spamtonn, Stuiderland, Suissen, Thank you next, The ceylonian raj, The fortnite community, The hungarian united commonwealth, The national socialist zionist front, The roblox community, The russian democratic federal republic, The united sovereign soviet republics, Tolediv, Ukrainesave, United macky ords, Upperclassman, Vasalos, Vivami, West ser reasiala, Whayidaat, White pipi, Yarkani, Yarnania, Yffutgh, Youcantstopus, Zional, Zyklon b.


Regional embassies signal that formal diplomatic relations exist between regions.

1. The Transgender Region
2. Transgender
3. Bisexual
4. Lesbian
5. LGBT University
6. Gay Equality
7. The North Pacific
8. Lazarus
9. The South Pacific
10. The West Pacific
11. The Rejected Realms
12. Hippy Haven
13. The Skeleton Army
14. Texas
15. Autism Spectrum
16. Nudist Dreamland
17. Philosophy 115
18. Esquarium
19. Haiku
20. Krillin
21. Nasicournia
22. The Bar on the corner of every region
23. Queens Coming Into Our Own
24. The Greatest Freak Show on Earth
25. Renegade Islands Alliance
26. Yuno
27. The Peaceful Coffee Shop In Chicago
28. Eientei Gensokyo
29. Antarctic Oasis
30. Christmas
31. The Leftist Assembly
32. Atlantis
33. International Northwestern Union
34. Equestria
35. New York
36. Anarchy
37. The Union of Democratic States
38. Hartfelden
39. Balugata
40. Philippines
41. Old Zealand
42. The Slide Countries
43. Union of Allied States
44. India
45. Russia
46. Brannackia
47. The Vincence Empire
48. The Region Of Gargery
49. Organization of United Sovereign States
50. The Region That Has No Big Banks
51. Libertarium
52. Isle Of Wooloo Kingdom
53. Lily
54. Queer
55. The Great Universe
56. Amalgamated Federation
57. The Fish Tank
58. Institute of Cellulose
59. The Agents of SHIELD
60. The Unknown Abyss
61. SolarFlare
62. Alcris
63. Zombie Research Institute
64. Philosophers
65. Ersetum
66. The Deep Ecologist Party of NationStates
67. Green Legion
68. The Jewel Robotox Nations
69. The Minecraft Kingdom
70. Mallia Panica
71. Celtia
72. The Glorious Nations of Iwaku
73. Non Binary Safe Space
74. The Three Isles
75. The Labyrinth
76. Odrya
77. ThunderClan
78. Yggdrasil
79. The Finntopian Region of DOOM
81. Roma Invicta
82. North Avalon
83. Nova Universo
84. Kingdom of Ramility
85. Scottish
86. New Alvarez Union
87. The Community
88. Pax Britannia
89. Cesspool of Gayness
90. Miraculous Ladybug
91. Astarntos
92. Eretz Israel
95. The European Commonwealth of Nations
96. Orifnan International

Invitations Received

Invitation Received FromViaReceived
PanAsian UnionThe People's Republic of China SCR

Gay Message Board

Nations in embassy regions are permitted to post on the Gay Regional Message Board.


Welcome Telegram: None.

Recruitment: Recruitment telegrams promoting this region can only be sent by Regional Officers.