The World World Census

The Most Valuable International Artwork in the World

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

1.The MikesHope Essence of MikeswillAnarchy“Love Conquers Fear”
2.The Lavender Delegate of GiovannilandAnarchy“Endorse the Lavender Delegate!”
3.The United Peoples Democratic RE of New MakastaCorporate Police State“Felix mendacium mendacio veritatem libertas seruitute”
4.The Empire of Koem KabPsychotic Dictatorship“0”
5.The لماذا سمحوا لي أن أفعل هذا 𒆙 of 9003Father Knows Best State“𓆏 𓆏 𓆏”
6.The 💕Pink Principality💕 of ApexialaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Equality & Progress (Moon Nationstates Friendship)”
7.The Technocratic Federation of LaudesiaFather Knows Best State“Profectum Omni Modis”
8.The Human-Grey Hybrid of Benevolent 1Democratic Socialists“Quickening climate change = decline in biodiversity”
9.The Great Emirate of BuccaRuuCivil Rights Lovefest“Huh? what'd ya say?”
10.The ǝƃɐɹ ǝɥʇ ll∀ ʇsnſ sI ǝH of VaraniusDemocratic Socialists“llɐ ǝǝs ɐɹɐΛ ɟo sǝʎǝ ǝɥʇ ɹoɟ 'pᴉɐɹɟɐ ʇou ǝq”
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