The World World Census

The Most Stationary in the World

Long-term World Census surveillance revealed which nations have been resident in their current region for the longest time.

1.The Big Tex Happy Taco Stands of NewTexasCivil Rights Lovefest“Home of Big Tex! You Want Cheese On That?”
2.The Holy Empire of PogariaDemocratic Socialists“Join us or go to hell.”
3.The Chromodynamic Flavor of Gell-MannhattanNew York Times Democracy“Causality can be traced to a simple initial condition.”
4.The Empire of LayartebMoralistic Democracy“So I dub thee Unforgiven”
5.The Haderanian Polity of Star CityDemocratic Socialists“CELEBRATING 20 YEARS: JANUARY 3RD 2003 - 2023”
6.The Defensive Pacifist Nation of Sneaky BastardsCivil Rights Lovefest“Don't underestimate the sneaky sneaky!”
7.The Phantasm of Afi-AftosIron Fist Consumerists“Eschew Obfuscation”
8.The Frybarec of LacmhacarhDemocratic Socialists“Carsarh gereulacr”
9.The Very Masculine Nation of Rands ObjectivityCapitalizt“Gargantuan Love God”
10.The People's Republic of Vanilla BillIron Fist Consumerists“No one cares about chocolate pudding.”
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