The Most Politically Apathetic Citizens in Wintreath

These results were determined by seeing how many citizens of each nation answered a recent World Census survey on the local political situation by ticking the "Don't Give a Damn" box.

As a region, Wintreath is ranked 21,000th in the world for Most Politically Apathetic Citizens.

1.The Free Republic of PonderosaAnarchy“Live Free”
2.The Dominion of FarkloreIron Fist Consumerists“Why should I care about all those.... little people?”
3.The Tsardom of DawcreekInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Peace, Pride, And Prosperity”
4.The Imperial Kingdoms of The Stigyan TriumvirateCorrupt Dictatorship“One Among The Fence”
5.The Commonwealth of El BababooeyDemocratic Socialists“Iunno, do we need a motto?”
6.The Federation of ImperialRussiaIron Fist Consumerists“Conquest and Justice with an Ironfist”
7.The Grand Duchy of FirmasCorrupt Dictatorship“Firmas forever”
8.The Most Serene Holy Empire of NargothondCorporate Police State“Le nallon si di'nguruthos”
9.The Proletariat Commonwealth of W Amadeus MozartInoffensive Centrist Democracy“For Truth, Justice and the Mozartian Way”
10.The Tyrannical State of YestleckIron Fist Consumerists“Together, towards greatness!”
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