The Largest Black Market in Wintreath

World Census agents tracked "off the books" deals and handshake agreements in order to study the size of nations' informal economies.

As a region, Wintreath is ranked 1,764th in the world for Largest Black Market.

371.The Federal Republic of Union of polskaDemocratic Socialists“For our freedom and yours and god,honour,fatherland”
372.The Empire of OunscaiaRight-wing Utopia“To succeed is to fail at failing”
373.The Sultanate of CyclopslandLeft-Leaning College State“From Many, One”
374.The Republic of Tum LunickepultyCorrupt Dictatorship“Peace and Justice”
375.The Incorporated States of DekonadCapitalizt“Кто зайдёт ко мне домой тот и нахуй поподт”
376.The Empire of K0RRIBANIron Fist Consumerists“Peace is a lie.”
377.The Republic of Cobalt PhantasmsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Dominus Vobiscum.”
378.The Holy Empire of Ost LankRight-wing Utopia“ ”
379.The Kingdom of McInerney-Macnamara CityIron Fist Consumerists“Donum a Patribus nostris”
380.The Republic of ObamatubeMoralistic Democracy“Bill Nye the science guy ”
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