Tsumonrin World Census

The Largest Retail Industry in Tsumonrin

The World Census estimated levels of employee ennui to determine which nations have the largest retail industries.

As a region, Tsumonrin is ranked 5,614th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

21.The Noxilandian Noxiland of NoxivariaCorrupt Dictatorship“Kuh! Sel-orur alfuust!”
22.The Esoteric Republic of DanilesFather Knows Best State“Geshteith, Keuppoe, Ngeuu jiv”
23.The National People's Republic of West CasanCorrupt Dictatorship“Saze no kokon rin”
24.The Szczęśliwa Księżniczka of Khaos InvadersCorrupt Dictatorship“We shall rise beyond the rest and set the skies ablaze!”
25.The Empire of HelgryceIron Fist Consumerists“Wromtscresc genn˙m Indusczcrë”
26.The Dominion of New Aaronian EmpireMother Knows Best State“For Empress Danna”
27.The Queendom of New AaroniaIron Fist Consumerists“For the future of Aaronians”
28.The Empire of RegiisCarminaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“This world full of demons needs to be purged”
29.The Commonwealth of WorklawPsychotic Dictatorship“May Harpies pluck the eyes of our enemies”
30.The United Galactic Republics of CzerzenIron Fist Consumerists“Unity, Purity, Labour”