The Western Isles World Census

The Most Extreme in The Western Isles

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, The Western Isles is ranked 15,820th in the world for Most Extreme.

1.The Jollibee store of BhikkustanPsychotic Dictatorship“bida ang saya”
2.The Hangate of KilatPsychotic Dictatorship“Jayema Sam Yudhi Sprdhah”
3.The Free Land of EuxiniaLeft-wing Utopia“Ye cannot serve both God and mammon”
4.The Republic of AlbaclythePsychotic Dictatorship“Per Sacrificium Pacem”
5.The Parliamentary Republic of ChasiaAnarchy“Veritas. Aequitas. Libertas.”
6.The United Soviet Republic of SannyamathlandPsychotic Dictatorship“Workers Of The World,Unite !”
7.The Federal Republic of VaxnLeft-wing Utopia“Onward Vaxn”
8.The Theocracy of The Holy Aldoorian EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“God, Homeland, loyalty”
9.The Free Land of RieloviaAnarchy“Man Is A Canvas”
10.The Holy Empire of CaberIron Fist Consumerists“Yeet and skeet until you cannot yeet any more”
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