The Rudest Citizens in the South Pacific

World Census experts telephoned citizens from all nations at just before dinner time, in a study to determine which populations were most brash, rude, or brusque.

As a region, the South Pacific is ranked 9,127th in the world for Rudest Citizens.

1.The Borderlands of NothreenCorporate Bordello“...”
2.The PS2 Puppet of PallidoniaAnarchy“Stop Reading My Motto!”
3.The PS2 Puppet of PterodoriaCapitalist Paradise“Stop Reading My Motto!”
4.The Serene Democracy of Bear Connors ParadisoCivil Rights Lovefest“What is love? Baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more.”
5.The Confederated Districts of TreirCapitalizt“Take the Path of Least Resistance”
6.The Holy Filesharing Empire of CeidtopiaCapitalizt“No work no worries.”
7.The Unwavering Love of Land With Lots of ShrimpAnarchy“Can I trade in the children for more cash?”
8.The Lionborn Empire of RelenbarCorporate Bordello“Capitalism as its finest”
9.The Please Endorse Concrete Slab of Hong Kong Kowloon and New TerritoriesAnarchy“Make Hong Kong great again”
10.The Seafood Paradise of KohrArCorporate Police State“With oysters we thrive!”
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