The Most Subsidized Industry in the South Pacific

Nations ranked highly spend the most on developing and supporting industry, a practice known as 'corporate welfare.'

As a region, the South Pacific is ranked 9,945th in the world for Most Subsidized Industry.

1.The ENDORSE TEPERTOPIA of Pencil Sharpeners 2Compulsory Consumerist State“Stop Reading My Motto!”
2.The Federation of No mokingFather Knows Best State“Don't Hate, Obliterate”
3.The ENDORSE TEPERTOPIA of AqualagoonPsychotic Dictatorship“Stop Reading My Motto!”
4.The ENDORSE TEPERTOPIA of HeliospherePsychotic Dictatorship“Stop Reading My Motto!”
5.The People's Republic of VarayushaDemocratic Socialists“Strength through Adversity”
6.The Republic of Spa Ill AtandAuthoritarian Democracy“God, Homeland, Liberty”
7.The Incorporated Entity of Harmonious PaperclipsIron Fist Consumerists“Insufficient experience to get experience”
8.The Seafood Paradise of KohrArCompulsory Consumerist State“With oysters we thrive!”
9.The All Inclusive Love and Pride of JehennaLeft-wing Utopia“We Love You just the way You are!”
10.The Colony of Southie is really takenIron Fist Consumerists“Dale before all. Eliminate the non-believers.”
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