The Most Valuable International Artwork in The Sasquatch Republic

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, The Sasquatch Republic is ranked 1,074th in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

1.The Giant in the Trees of IllaheeCivil Rights Lovefest“Under Golden Moon”
2.The Seafaring Peoples of Sealands Little BrotherCivil Rights Lovefest“Halda svá til hafnar, höggva mann ok annan.”
3.The Commonwealth of MontmorenciaNew York Times Democracy“Nous voulons rester ce que nous sommes”
4.The Republic of East CogginsLeft-wing Utopia“Neem de mooie weg naar huis.”
5.The Loud and Boisterous Past of El TejonLeft-Leaning College State“Nunca Nos Esperan”
6.The Hidden Cove of TeralyanFather Knows Best State“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”
7.The Dominion of BukwasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Exist”
8.The Republic of A Newly Born KrakenMoralistic Democracy“By Executive Order of Bran”
9.The Very Sleepy Journey of The Nightime SkiesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Stargazing opens the eyes of the world.”
10.The Conservation Officer of Chodean KalFather Knows Best State“Glory to The Sasquatch Republic!”