The Most Valuable International Artwork in The Sasquatch Republic

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, The Sasquatch Republic is ranked 987th in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

11.The Matriarchy of Woolly HippopotamusLeft-wing Utopia“A floating, fuzzy furball”
12.The Conservation Officer of Chodean KalFather Knows Best State“Glory to The Sasquatch Republic!”
13.The Holy Pink of EllestedeLiberal Democratic Socialists“Moon, Friendship, Nationstates, Brains”
14.The Pataphysical Mothman of Nova VandaliaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Taking seriously the business of taking nothing serious”
15.The Queendom of Isle of FaroreDemocratic Socialists“Wisdom Above All”
16.The Queendom of ImkihcaDemocratic Socialists“Kororia ki te Kuini”
17.The Free Land of Altai AlmasDemocratic Socialists“Motto...”
18.The Queendom of AltimazingCorrupt Dictatorship“She be Queen”
19.The Dictatorship of Far Far Away From YouIron Fist Consumerists“Go away”
20.The Wild Kingdom of Joe ExoticAnarchy“Over my dead body!”