Election 2020: Kuriko 21.6%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 19.2%, McMasterdonia 8.4%, Caelapes 7.7%, Jocospor 6.5%, The Bigtopia 4.5%, Valentine Z 4.4%, Giovanniland 2.3%, The Salaxalans 2.2%, Auralia 2.0%, Dekks 1.5%

The Realm of Liberty World Census

The Safest in The Realm of Liberty

World Census agents tested the sharpness of household objects, the softness of children's play equipment, and the survival rate of people taking late walks to determine how safe each nation is to visit.

As a region, The Realm of Liberty is ranked 533rd in the world for Safest.

1.The Republic of HavillDemocratic Socialists“Hang out and wing it”
2.The Democratic Republic of IlmareneMoralistic Democracy“Democratia super omnes”