The Longest Average Lifespans in the Pacific

Nations ranked highly have lower rates of preventable death, with their citizens enjoying longer average lifespans.

As a region, the Pacific is ranked 10,202nd in the world for Longest Average Lifespans.

1.The Socialist Empire of Universal Utopian StateScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Libertatem est Servitus.”
2.The Federal Republic of WinklebottomLiberal Democratic Socialists“E pluribus unum”
3.The Republic of This was probably a bad ideaLeft-wing Utopia“Illegitimi non carborundum”
4.The Democratic States of KiavilleLeft-wing Utopia“One for all and all for Kia!”
5.The Herrscher of the Void of XorietCorrupt Dictatorship“Justice Upon All.”
6.The Uptight Democracy of KeonLiberal Democratic Socialists“🗣”
7.The Confederacy of ZolehenCorrupt Dictatorship“Sidere Mens Eadem Mutato”
8.The Federal Republic of Federation of the Astral PlaneLeft-wing Utopia“Service to all people”
9.The Drakken Empire of RepitilysiaLeft-wing Utopia“Never again will the chains enslave”
10.The Empire of Mystery7Corrupt Dictatorship“We Are Here!”
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