The North Pacific World Census

The Most Extreme in The North Pacific

The World Census ranked nations on the basis of how odd, extreme, or fundamentalist their social, economic, and political systems are.

As a region, The North Pacific is ranked 9,980th in the world for Most Extreme.

1.The Jingoistic States of NjenPsychotic Dictatorship“Do unto others...”
2.The Republic of TuokoPsychotic Dictatorship“”
3.The United Kingdom of DiafPsychotic Dictatorship“Fallen”
4.The Empire of HondAnarchy“Brave at heart”
5.The Armed Republic of CidonPsychotic Dictatorship“Keep holding on”
6.The Holy Empire of AliqPsychotic Dictatorship“Round and round”
7.The Republic of ZapraxiaPsychotic Dictatorship“Zapraxia Prevails”
8.The Republic of WhyliveherePsychotic Dictatorship“Might Makes Right”
9.The Republic of EpicstonmcdabyeetlandPsychotic Dictatorship“Mega Dab”
10.The Dominion of Valting AvaPsychotic Dictatorship“We Will Endure”
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