The Most Cultured in The Leftist Assembly

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, The Leftist Assembly is ranked 1,785th in the world for Most Cultured.

551.The Commonwealth of Socialist Peoples Democratic RepublicScandinavian Liberal Paradise“The proletariat of the world unite”
552.The Community of Anarchy communnism kytanDemocratic Socialists“强权只养马屁精,无政府主义万岁”
553.The Democratic Republic of GutystaoPsychotic Dictatorship“Ordem dos trabalhadores”
554.The Oppressed Peoples of ImumisaIron Fist Consumerists“Hope's suffocating”
555.The Imperialist Paradise of StagnaCapitalist Paradise“The only public thing here is your mom”
556.The Loving Couple of Fan-Art-Psychotic Dictatorship“Lumity”
557.The People's Republic of SlavichistanDemocratic Socialists“People before power!”
558.The Oppressed Peoples of Unchecked Majority RuleTyranny by Majority“POWER TO THE PEOPLE”
559.The Democratic Republic of HunitedermerlandCorrupt Dictatorship“Pride and Industry”
560.The Federation of LuditanLeft-wing Utopia“To build a rocket, you first must start”
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