The Smartest Citizens in The Leftist Assembly

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, The Leftist Assembly is ranked 1,902nd in the world for Smartest Citizens.

551.The Dictatorship of WalaionPsychotic Dictatorship“The Iona solar system is ours”
552.The Democratic Republic of YaranTopiaPsychotic Dictatorship“True Yarans, stand with me”
553.The Democratic Republic of BangsashakirullahPsychotic Dictatorship“Victory or martyrdom!”
554.The United Socialist States of East west south europePsychotic Dictatorship“Communism is good”
555.The People's Republic of BrodestopiaIron Fist Consumerists“Based on Power through People”
556.The Dictatorship of The Leader Knows AllPsychotic Dictatorship“All that The Leader says and does is Right.”
557.The People's Republic of Gemeinwesen GermanyPsychotic Dictatorship“Glory to our Motherland!”
558.The People's Republic of KarstenPsychotic Dictatorship“Peace and Justice”
559.The Democratic Republic of Old VolicaPsychotic Dictatorship“Pathetic”
560.The Serious Political Party of Official Delete England PartyPsychotic Dictatorship“United, we can delete England!”
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