The Smartest Citizens in The Leftist Assembly

The World Census eavesdropped on conversations in coffee shops, on campuses, and around cinemas in order to determine which nations have the most quick-witted, insightful, and knowledgeable citizens.

As a region, The Leftist Assembly is ranked 1,832nd in the world for Smartest Citizens.

21.The Egalitarian Republic of FrasulyDemocratic Socialists“Nothing but us”
22.The Kawaii Peoples Empire of YongDemocratic Socialists“団結による平和、調和、思いやり”
23.The Democratic People's Union of South MiruvaLeft-wing Utopia“Power to the People!”
24.The Socialist People's Union of MidterraLiberal Democratic Socialists“Jus populi, jus omnium!”
25.The Free Land of FizzopolisLeft-wing Utopia“Ní neart go cur le chéile -There is strength in unity”
26.The Socialist Republic of RunegeistScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem!”
27.The Federal Republic of KawanyNew York Times Democracy“Kawany”
28.The Soviet Socialist Republic of Super Awesome Fun TimesScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Workers of the world, unite!”
29.The Transhumanist Ascendancy of KhoridanDemocratic Socialists“Labor is unity. Power is survival. Quantity is quality.”
30.The Settled Peoples of Terra LeutheniaDemocratic Socialists“For every Leutheni, humanity and welfare.”
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