The Graveyard World Census

The Most Extensive Civil Rights in The Graveyard

The citizens of nations ranked highly enjoy a great amount of civil rights, or freedoms to go about their personal business without interference or regulation from government.

As a region, The Graveyard is ranked 17,673rd in the world for Most Extensive Civil Rights.

1.The Republic of LiviliumIron Fist Socialists“Liberty and Progress”
2.The Federal Republic of The United Benelux StatesScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Maintain Unity: Remain United.”
3.The Republic of MisiddistaCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace and Justice”
4.The Republic of LaestatiaNew York Times Democracy“Strength In Freedom”
5.The Free Land of LunapatriaNew York Times Democracy“Glory From Years Before”
6.The Hidden Closet of The WayfarerInoffensive Centrist Democracy“not cute”
7.The Borderlands of SomewInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We Will Endure”
8.The University of Eastminister IsleLiberal Democratic Socialists“A college for the world.”
9.The Republic of Graveyards1New York Times Democracy“Rest in peace”
10.The Low Interest Rates of BanqNew York Times Democracy“Peace and Justice”