The Graveyard World Census

The Most Efficient Economies in The Graveyard

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, The Graveyard is ranked 13,257th in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

31.The Republic of Jedinsto8Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
32.The Republic of Jedinsto9Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Twirling Toward Freedom”
33.The Republic of Jedinsto10Inoffensive Centrist Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
34.The Holy Empire of FlirgInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Allahu Ahkbar”
35.The Kingdom of MukherjeeIron Fist Consumerists“Glory to the king”
36.The Kingdom of RaustrastaunCorrupt Dictatorship“God save the king!”
37.The Clubhouse of TelenaunumCivil Rights Lovefest“Something Something Inspirational Quote”
38.The People's Republic of BarhaBoshobCorrupt Dictatorship“I care about whatever i care about.”
39.The Republic of La ResistDemocratic Socialists“Beacon of Liberty shines”
40.The Ghost with the Most of Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BeetlejuicePsychotic Dictatorship“Lets turn on the juice and see what shakes loose”