The Most Devout in The Free Nations Region

World Census Inquisitors conducted rigorous one-on-one interviews probing the depth of citizens' beliefs in order to determine which nations were the most devout.

As a region, The Free Nations Region is ranked 4,866th in the world for Most Devout.

1.The Holy Commonwealth of Achievement HuntersDemocratic Socialists“Thou in faith will keep us safe whilst we find the path”
2.The Federation of NarvatusPsychotic Dictatorship“Truth over all”
3.The Mharcacht Seoganach OileŠnda of LaidirInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Peace through Action and Achievement”
4.The キ Neofeudalist Cantons キ of SongateriInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ohne Freiheit kein Wohlstand”
5.The Loving Couple of Ship FanFather Knows Best State“I ship it!”
6.The Fedəration of My NationNew York Times Democracy“non erit tibi hoc”
7.The Theocratic States of North TsumazakiAuthoritarian Democracy“God, Homeland, Order”
8.The Skaristannic Empire of AlicetopiaLeft-wing Utopia“Bortu af Jahkoab, Erais ba Johanna, Rebascit ba Hadrik”
9.The Confederacy of Athanes EmpireFather Knows Best State“Cars, Diesel, Gas and Airplanes are future”
10.The Realm of LaibcomsMoralistic Democracy“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true.”
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