The Most Extensive Public Healthcare in The Free Nations Region

World Census interns were infected with obscure diseases in order to test which nations had the most effective and well-funded public healthcare facilities.

As a region, The Free Nations Region is ranked 2,313th in the world for Most Extensive Public Healthcare.

1.The Republic of New Vivia AndFather Knows Best State“You Can't Stop Progress”
2.The Federation of NarvatusPsychotic Dictatorship“Truth over all”
3.The Dictatorship of The Great Mother NightPsychotic Dictatorship“After there is day, there always comes the night.”
4.The Martial Republic of AscoobisDemocratic Socialists“Ad Astra Per Aspera”
5.The Constitutional Monarchy of Great SothosDemocratic Socialists“Headlights, not Taillights”
6.The Scientific Super Colliders of VostrovLiberal Democratic Socialists“First, you must get a cat. Get the Meow.”
7.The Sunny Land of Moka PamplemoussesLeft-wing Utopia“Live under the sun, lay under the palm trees”
8.The Federated United States of SulivanniaDemocratic Socialists“United We Stand”
9.The Domain of IRTAECorrupt Dictatorship“(Intelligence+Reason) Technology = Apex of Evolution”
10.The United States of EmahaLeft-wing Utopia“By The People For The People”
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