The Most Advanced Public Transport in The Empire

World Census experts captured, tagged, and released trains in order to identify which nations have the most extensive, well-funded public transportation systems.

As a region, The Empire is ranked 1,940th in the world for Most Advanced Public Transport.

1.The Rogue Nation of War and OppressionPsychotic Dictatorship“Our purpose is to conquer you.”
2.The Holy Empire of PogariaLeft-wing Utopia“Join us or go to hell.”
3.The Honourable Vagabond Society of KalmukiaMoralistic Democracy“Not really looking for a home and a job”
4.The Long and Winding Road of SkodaTruck DriversIron Fist Consumerists“Keep on Truckin'”
5.The Quack Quack Quack of Ducks Looking For GrapesFather Knows Best State“Hey! Got any grapes?”
6.The Airborne Flock of Migrating GeeseInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Honk, honk, quack. I have a speech impediment.”
7.The Rolling Stone of Stone Circle AviatorsConservative Democracy“lost in Translation”
8.The Friendly Backpacker of The Eternal SightseerDemocratic Socialists“Moving right along”
9.The Republic of Volkswagen MicrobusesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Cooler Than Beetles! (except Herby, she’s the coolest)”
10.The Travelling Tiger of Create NationsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Little by little, one travels far”