The Largest Insurance Industry in The East Pacific

The World Census posed as door-to-door salespeople in order to establish which nations have the most extensive Insurance industries.

As a region, The East Pacific is ranked 9,805th in the world for Largest Insurance Industry.

1.The Empire of Amarr ImpereeFather Knows Best State“Motto”
2.The Free and Holy Republic of The Happy CiviliansCorporate Police State“Perfectly Fine, Thank You....”
3.The Borderlands of Repressing foolsIron Fist Consumerists“Welcome to paradise city.”
4.The Republic of Bai LungCorporate Police State“Three Principles of the People”
5.The Dictatorship of Walter HeisenbergCorporate Police State“Tread lightly”
6.The Corporate-Owned Kingdom of Economic NirvanaAnarchy“Increased profits create happiness.”
7.The Weed-Choked Lawn of A mean old manFather Knows Best State“Always fighting crime -- especially youth-related.”
8.The Not Kokichi of Socialist Communist StatesCorporate Police State“Not Starving!”
9.The Sultanate of Al-DijajIron Fist Consumerists“Qwerty”
10.The Holy Matriarchy of The Blessed and Holy LandCorporate Police State“Praise be to our Holy Goddess”
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