The Nudest in The Communist Bloc

After exhaustive surveys, the World Census calculated which nations have the greatest acreages of flesh on public display.

As a region, The Communist Bloc is ranked 6,925th in the world for Nudest.

1.The Supreme United Socialists of The Glorious Union of Soviet RepublicsLeft-wing Utopia“Proletariats of the World, Unite!”
2.The Free Land of Anarcho-Transhumanist TechnatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“One billion people, one billion opinions - all equal!”
3.The GUSR's Veteran State of Geroi OtechestvaLiberal Democratic Socialists“Long live our motherland, forever we will defend!”
4.The People's Republic of Genus DictaturaDemocratic Socialists“Communism through democracy”
5.The Federal Republic of OrangisInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free Land equals Freedom”
6.The Commonwealth of SeressinDemocratic Socialists“Into Perpetuity”
7.The Join TCB of Sacred BreadCorrupt Dictatorship“Spread me with jam!”
8.The Winged Terror of Sacred Mashed PotatoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Who goes their? Foreigner scum!”
9.The People's Republic of Of cheeseCorrupt Dictatorship“You Can't Stop the cheese revolution”
10.The Colony of Baccan IslesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Devorate Es Bostonia”
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