The Most Valuable International Artwork in The Communist Bloc

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, The Communist Bloc is ranked 1,323rd in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

1.The Holy Devolved Protectorate of ShihganfePsychotic Dictatorship“Look to the skies!”
2.The Democratic States of SestabolgiaCivil Rights Lovefest“Reason, dignity, liberty, equality”
3.The Free Land of TimofeylandCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom is the way”
4.The Leftist Space of MarxmeansLeft-wing Utopia“We will either make history or die trying. Moo.”
5.The United Socialist States of Union ofSovietSocialistRepublicsPsychotic Dictatorship“Workers of the world, Unite”
6.The Democratic Republic of ComunyDemocratic Socialists“Todo poder ao povo!☭”
7.The Union of ExaniaLeft-wing Utopia“Guided by the Red Star Above.”
8.The Gays of AmadiansDemocratic Socialists“Love all the fluffy things!”
9.The People's Republic of Sodoran AlesiaLeft-wing Utopia“The Revolution has begun”
10.The Communist Proletarian Union of CarricoDemocratic Socialists“A Revolutionary Union Armed for Liberation ☭”
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