The Most Income Equality in The Communist Bloc

World Census boffins calculated the difference in incomes between the richest and poorest citizens, where a score of 50 would mean that poor incomes are 50% of rich incomes.

As a region, The Communist Bloc is ranked 4,707th in the world for Most Income Equality.

1.The People's Republic of MlakhaviaLiberal Democratic Socialists“a”
2.The Dictatorship of Country of the peopleDemocratic Socialists“We workers will rise from the capitalists”
3.The United Socialist States of 4D DonkeysLeft-wing Utopia“No Gods, No Masters. Workers of the World, Unite!”
4.The United Socialist States of JiutuDemocratic Socialists“Workers of the world, unite!”
5.The People's Republic of Free Equal BrotherhoodDemocratic Socialists“Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood”
6.The Socialist Republic of SodeskayaDemocratic Socialists“ПРАЛЕТАРЫІ ЎСІХ КРАІН, ЯДНАЙЦЕСЯ!”
7.The Incorporated States of New GrentonvilleLiberal Democratic Socialists“The cooler Grentonville”
8.The People's Republic of AnurastanCorrupt Dictatorship“Liberty, Justice and Comradeship”
9.The People's Republic of JocostkaDemocratic Socialists“By the people, for the people. Unity and equality.”
10.The People's Republic of Of GaiaLeft-wing Utopia“From the Collective comes Unity. From Unity, prosperity”
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