The Communist Bloc World Census

The Largest Mining Sector in The Communist Bloc

World Census experts measured the volume of stuff removed from the ground to determine which nations have the largest mining industries.

As a region, The Communist Bloc is ranked 15,136th in the world for Largest Mining Sector.

1.The Federal Republic of CassaracenCorporate Police State“Money, peace and justice are aims of a great leader”
2.The Dominion of Soviet FelinesIron Fist Consumerists“In The Dominion of Soviet Felines, Cat owns human”
3.The Glorious Red Gay Army of The Bloodbow KollektivePsychotic Dictatorship“By fire and sword we salute; end the antigay.”
4.The Peoples Socialist Union of VelizaPsychotic Dictatorship“Socialism for the Future”
5.The Damned Imperium of MandicoriaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ti louk ni vaal! (Forward with death!)”
6.The Republic of FigarglyfynciennadanordiaIron Fist Consumerists“Mission Accomplished”
7.The Socialist Republic of ReignmentFather Knows Best State“Who Are You?”
8.The Syndicalist Union of HarthisCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom through Equality”
9.The Anocratic Synocracy of V E XLeft-Leaning College State“In good we trust.”
10.The Eastern Republic of Smokey IslandFather Knows Best State“The best tank terrain is that without anti-tank weapons”
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