The Best Weather in Selene

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, Selene is ranked 1,882nd in the world for Best Weather.

1.The Free and Open Peoples of Franconia EmpireLeft-wing Utopia“We shall not fear in times of turmoil”
2.The Democratic State of RazhetiaLeft-wing Utopia“Our freedom has a cost, today we pay it”
3.The Crown Prince of Constantine LambrosCivil Rights Lovefest“Welcome to Selene!”
4.The Allied States of ValedorScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Truth Prevails”
5.The Republic of QastariDemocratic Socialists“Socialism and Revolution”
6.The Kingdom of Septentrione PolarisNew York Times Democracy“United by the north stars”
7.The Nomad Kingdom of RalzawrDemocratic Socialists“Always loyal to the true”
8.The Commonwealth of Mydic EmpireCivil Rights Lovefest“Through Strength, Victory”
9.The Republic of VekklaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Franconia will Fall”
10.The Republic of NisreenInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Truth Alone”