The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Project Chaos

World Census experts tracked millions of international tourists in order to determine the world's favourite nations to sight-see.

As a region, Project Chaos is ranked 13,548th in the world for Most Popular Tourist Destinations.

1.The Republic of Old JaedonstanDemocratic Socialists“Strength Through Freedom”
2.The Federation of JaedonstanLiberal Democratic Socialists“Libertatem Populi”
3.The Dictatorship of Project ChaosIron Fist Consumerists“In Chaos we trust”
4.The Community of Royal Clerk of ThegyeDemocratic Socialists“Mission Accomplished”
5.The Sultanate of NehonpirreslatooInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The centre cannot hold”
6.The People's Republic of TdonderpoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Forward unto the dawn”
7.The Colony of MitarenrInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Forward unto the dawn”
8.The Kingdom of Bassarian FederationCompulsory Consumerist State“Might Makes Right”
9.The Captain Robot of Lies KryosInoffensive Centrist Democracy“42”
10.The Commonwealth of South IlliaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“The falcon cannot hear the falconer”