The Most Efficient Economies in Lone Wolves United

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, Lone Wolves United is ranked 12,711th in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

31.The Republic of ElyeniaFather Knows Best State“It's okay to be wrong.”
32.The Republic of StarkgazerFather Knows Best State“Keep working hard til' you succeded”
33.The Armed Republic of NidgeltopInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Freedom for the people! [LWU]”
34.The Republic of PhlynxianStatesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“To feel the world with our thumb.”
35.The Dominion of Red CrestCorrupt Dictatorship“One Nation, One Leader, One People”
36.The Republic of LobeliaraCivil Rights Lovefest“I make bad political choices only partly on purpose”
37.The Empire of Le DovesMoralistic Democracy“The most dishonorable act was to surrender.”
38.The Federation of States of JeffersonCompulsory Consumerist State“Land, Sea and Air”
39.The Free Land of Andom FreeNew York Times Democracy“Strength Through Freedom”
40.The Protectorate of Aggression That Will Not StandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“At least itís an ethos.”
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