The Most Beautiful Environments in Lazarus

World Census researchers spent many arduous weeks lying on beaches and trekking through rainforests to compile a definitive list of the most attractive and best cared for environments.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 3,647th in the world for Most Beautiful Environments.

1.The Benevolent Queendom of Divine CervineDemocratic Socialists“Where the deer’s swift leap startles the wild bee”
2.The Equal Opportunity Nation of MoftanDemocratic Socialists“Come to never leave.”
3.The Fair State of LariniaDemocratic Socialists“Verzyelet es aldulzát”
4.The Protected Socialist Utopias of SzotlandPsychotic Dictatorship“Every market is a black market.”
5.The Republic of TellesopiaDemocratic Socialists“What the heck?”
6.The Galactic Imperium Invictum of DarkiumCorrupt Dictatorship“Vae Victus!!”
7.The Federal Republic of AiganiaCivil Rights Lovefest“We know it”
8.The Kingdom of JoacoLiberal Democratic Socialists“To serve and protect”
9.The Empire of RugeliaDemocratic Socialists“Uhinod Mitmekesos”
10.The Atheistic Collective of CilefDemocratic Socialists“Tha Gaol Naghoe Satilcilef”
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