The Most Efficient Economies in Lazarus

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, Lazarus is ranked 8,940th in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

31.The Federal Republic of United States of NikosaCivil Rights Lovefest“Live in Peace, Die in Peace”
32.The Celestial Empire of Lovable Alien OverlordCompulsory Consumerist State“It's as if we abducted your heart...”
33.The SybilSocialist Megacluster of The City of GuelphDemocratic Socialists“早 め ま す 420”
34.The 🐈 Kingdom of New RogernomicsCivil Rights Lovefest“Freedom and Justice”
35.The Corporate Queendom of Northern Rosary IslesCapitalist Paradise“Aut inveniam viam aut faciam”
36.The United Socialist States of TerpkolandCorporate Police State“Terpko is the ultimate leader of Terpkoland”
37.The Absolute Monarchy of Kingdom of NelrokCorrupt Dictatorship“Reap what is sown”
38.The Fair State of LariniaDemocratic Socialists“Verzyelet es aldulzát”
39.The Republic of ApitNew York Times Democracy“Jambi is Rengit, Rengit is Jambi”
40.The Holy Dictatorship of DoperlandIron Fist Consumerists“All Obey.”
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