The Most Cultured in Karma

After spending many tedious hours in coffee shops and concert halls, World Census experts have found the following nations to be the most cultured.

As a region, Karma is ranked 2,175th in the world for Most Cultured.

1.The Free and Independent State of Sankh-LanportLeft-Leaning College State“Let Freedom Reign”
2.The Capitalist Semi-Democracy of New RapidsLeft-Leaning College State“Alā, gīdnū vēhg il-vyqtuvrr (God, guide us to victory)”
3.The Fertilized Mountains of The LitterboxAnarchy“Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”
4.The Psychedelic Gunshow of ScuntInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop This Bear”
5.The Sunset on the River Nile of PluvieFather Knows Best State“Live.”
6.The People's Republic of RathanurLiberal Democratic Socialists“Man is born free, and yet everywhere he is in chains”
7.The United Socialist States of MaximalistScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We go on a fine line between Socialism and Anarchism”
8.The Global Empire of DeNorSweLandInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Everyone is Equal”
9.The Most Serene Republic of Pyo KarmaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Shinkō ni yoru heiwa”
10.The Democratic Republic of Nandoria JupitalisLeft-wing Utopia“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may”
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