The Most Efficient Economies in Karma

Nations ranked highly are the most ruthlessly efficient at translating raw resources, including people, into economic output.

As a region, Karma is ranked 7,992nd in the world for Most Efficient Economies.

21.The Psychedelic Gunshow of ScuntInoffensive Centrist Democracy“You Can't Stop This Bear”
22.The United Kingdom of MattielandiaLeft-wing Utopia“Doing good things”
23.The United States of Free Myusiah AndribergCapitalist Paradise“Don't hurt people. Don't take their stuff.”
24.The Colony of Babylon IIInoffensive Centrist Democracy“They yearn for what they fear for.”
25.The Republic of ParagonisaCivil Rights Lovefest“The True Beacon of Freedom and Brotherhood”
26.The Emptiness of Republic of MarkanoLeft-Leaning College State“Mercy is the highest form of Bravery”
27.The Commonwealth of WawawewaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“worm is love, worm is life”
28.The Federal Republic of NacradCivil Rights Lovefest“Valour, Honour, Liberty”
29.The Most Serene Republic of ArchytasInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Ex Fide Pacem”
30.The Empire of LanironInoffensive Centrist Democracy“new motto”
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